Land of the 1000 Ketuts

The traditional naming system is one of the charming peculiarities of Bali. If you follow this system (and many do) you name your children in the order they are born. Putu will be a firstborn son or daughter, Made is a no. 2 child, Nyoman no. 3 and Ketut no. 4. After Ketut the cycle starts all over again with Putu. So when you meet a Ketut, you will know that he or she has 3 older siblings. Or 7. Or 11. Smart, isn’t it?
The only problem is that everyone tends to be named the same. In Jamahal we have a staff of 60 and 7 of them are called Ketut. We use nicknames a lot.
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Firstborn: Putu, Gede or Wayan
2nd child: Made or Kadek
3rd child: Nyoman or Komang
4th child: Ketut